Education Records Solutions

The PerSysTek Personal Records Assistant (PRA) has been tailored to fit the needs of several vertical markets. The initial solutions allow you to load, update, manage and carry your education, financial, identity and medical records. Whether it is departing for school, performing your banking, visiting the doctor or being involved in an accident, your RecordVault allows immediate access to your critical information.


Education Records Solutions

School Identification
Medical Authorizations
College Transcripts
Graduate Records
Professional Memberships


Going away to school requires the student and their family to gather many disparate pieces of information to ensure that records are immediately available if and when the need arises. Valid identification, class registration, internships, medical treatment, graduation and subsequent employment are all situations where secure access to your records can protect you and your family's data and prevent identification theft. The PerSysTek RecordVault is the solution to store and retrieve your Personal Education Record (PER), school identification, scholastic records, financial records, medical immunizations and allergies, professional data and biographical information.

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