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Q: What is a PRA?
A: When handheld personal data devices were invented, they were named a Personal Data Assistant or a PDA. The PerSysTek products build on this theme of individual access and responsibility for your personal records and created the term PRA for Personal Records Assistant.

Q: When will the RecordVault be available?
A: Initial product launch for Android products was January 14, 2013 and initial product launch for Apple iOS products was July 30, 2013. The Windows products are to be determined.

Q: What makes the RecordVault so great?
A: It employs a unique Patent Pending security technique, we call RecordSecurity³, that incorporates three factor authentication; three levels of security as a combination of the device based account information, your one-time RecordVault Passcode and a unique RecordVault Key™ with government standard AES encryption and industry standard data wiping of temporary files. This secures and protects your records and is not currently available in other products.

Q: What is the RecordVault Key?
A: This is a uniquely developed security key, based upon a set of patent pending algorithms. It is computed for you and generates access and encryption/decryption of the files on your device.

Q: What is 911 Data Access or ICE?
A: Emergency personnel can simply select your In Case of Emergency (ICE) file, which we call 911 Data Access, to view your pre-selected emergency information without the need to login. By providing access to medical conditions, allergies, emergency contacts, etc., you will enable medical personnel to more effectively provide safe, immediate treatment.


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